About the Founder

Live Your Passion Blog - The personal blog of Elena Sergeeva, Creative Founder of Passion for xoxoES brand. Here the Founder likes to share her personal favorite passions. She shares her journey and passions on lifestyle, fashion and everything else that inspires her. 

THE PASSION FOR XOXOES BRAND - www.passionforxoxoes.com

Passion for xoxoES, is the mother brand, the foundation and initial inspiration for the expression and trend for  “Passion for”…
The brand is focused on producing exceptional, quality content, by delivering excellent products and services to its community.

xoxoES  -  is the signature of the founder of the company. A confirmed seal of approval and recognition- a brand on its own. A personal touch from the designer herself.

The brand’s goal is to partner with leading, luxury and lifestyle experts, to spread and instill the word of passion with in each and every one of us. Passion is a Lifestyle!

The mission of Passion for xoxoES is to unite people and brands internationally, encourage them to share, express and discover their passions through a journey motivated by enthusiasm and energy. Passion for will inspire people's freedom to express themselves. Passion for is your motivation. People need to express their passions.

Values of the brand are Vision Success Innovation

THE  PASSION FOR xoxoES is the main corporate blog that includes:

  •        Merchandise
  •     Travel
  •     Arts
  •      Fashion
  •      Lifestyle

  •     Branded Merchandise (T shirts, Mugs, I Phone cases)

Customized t-shirts and merchandise sealed with the xoxoES logo on the back have been created to allow everyone to express their Passions! It can be anything as long as it is you! The brand’s founder believes that anything is possible as long as it is done with Passion. Let your Passions shine!

  •     Hospitality & Travel

Passion for Hospitality is a collection of walked paths, visited hotels, savoured meals, inspirational cultures and experiences ready to be embraced. Travel is an investment, knowledge and enrichment for both the mind and the soul. Hospitality is the divine right to take care of your travels.

  •        Arts

 A Passion for masterpiece…. Discovering, expressing, creating, innovating, colorful, bold…. Arts & Culture is how the world expresses passion.
Everything is in the color of Passion.

  •     Fashion

From catwalk to sidewalk- Trends, What’s hot, What’s in and What’s tomorrow. A passionate manner and inspirational source to influence your daily looks.

  •         Lifestyle

Lifestyle is expressed in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions, values, overall reflecting self image.

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.- Swami Sivananda  and Passion for agrees 100%!