Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Passion for Simply Fes

How have you been my dear fashionistas? I know that my silence is long overdue here but believe me I have been busy launching new projects, travelling and planning for the future. Fashion is still one of my greatest passions, after travel of course but since there are only 24 hours in the day, I can only do so much, although I try. This look was shot for a Hotel Blogger Experience project back in December. In case you missed the story you can read it here.

One of my favourite looks was this one and particularly the top that I am wearing which is by Simply Fes. My dear friend and colleague Vicky of Style-Rules decided to surprise me by getting me this top as a New Year’s present. I just love it. Thank you Vicky! 
Photography: Rania Gallianos Divajo Photography
Make-up: Maria Dioti 

You can also watch the behind the scenes video of this fun day that we had at Grecotel Pallas Athena. Until next time, stay tuned for what has been happening in my life lately. xoxo ES
 I am wearing: 



  1. You look fantastic Elena! I really like the first photo. Reading about your projects, I see that you've come such a long way. Hope you will continue to be successful in all your ventures.


Thank you very much for your feedback! Much love xoxo ES