Thursday, May 1, 2014

Passion for The Story of 2014 Wedding Dresses UK - Create your own Royal Wedding

Happy 1st of May fashionistas! What are your May resolutions? The end of April marked a few special anniversaries, and for you ladies who are preparing for your big day this summer must have celebrated the third year anniversary of Kate Middleton and Prince William, right?! How could any girly girl miss this occasion and the most talked about couple? Raise your hand if you watched the Royal Wedding and secretly dreamed of your Prince Charming and hoping that one day very soon you will be walking the isle to marry the man of your dreams. For those who wish to create their own version of the Royal Wedding, it all begins with choosing your Royal lookalike Wedding Dress, the Cinderella shoes, the carriage, the ….oh! Just wait…let’s start the fairy tale with the Story of the 2014 Wedding Dresses UK that I have picked for you to share my own vision of the Dream Wedding. Do share your thoughts on what your dream wedding is all about! Until next time, love is all around. xoxo ES



  1. I love the dresses that you selected! Very beautiful, classic and fairytale-like.

  2. These all wedding gowns can make a wedding special one. Design work is really great and i am really impressed by these all gowns. Wedding gowns can be selected according to there wedding venue theme as well and if you wan white wedding gown they its vintage color and it can really make a difference.

  3. These are really awesome wedding gowns collection. Beautiful design work on these gowns. To provide a special beauty in a wedding, bride should look special one. If you want a special wedding gown then you can go according to wedding venue theme as well and if it is not possible then you can select from vintage white color.


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