Sunday, March 30, 2014

Passion for My Look Book - March

Happy Sunday fashionistas! Just before we welcome a new and exciting month of April which I promise to be filled with new outfit inspirations and travel, here is a recap of all the March looks for you. Tell me which one is your favourite and what would you like to see more of in the coming posts? Until next time, love you! xoxo ES

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Passion for Fringe-tastic!

The Wild West is making a comeback and is sure to stand out this season. For all the cowboys at heart, come out and play with fashion. Pile on everything that reminds you of cowboys and you are guaranteed to rock the streets. From fringe suede skirts to studded boots and sweetheart dresses, the list of outfit inspirations is endless. To make the old trend work today it’s mandatory to own a masculine denim work shirt which is a simple garment that can be worn with skirts, shorts and even jeans for a double denim effect. In my wild west inspired look, I switched the denim shirt for a shirt dress, threw on a fringe decorated denim jacket, a pair of studded boots and I am ready to channel my western state of mind… Until next time, go get them! xoxo ES

Monday, March 24, 2014

Passion for The Old Habrour

In life we harbour in different ports, dropping our anchors in places that remain dear to our hearts forever. Some distant memories become our shelter, a retreat; they shape us up and prepare for the journeys of the future. For those of us who learn to sail in high winds, we master the secret of setting up the sails and embrace each wind as a precious lesson, the one that will take us places. For those who our pasts have touched will recognize the backdrop, the building and the surroundings which have long been abandoned, but hold precious memories and the days we were growing up. Yes, the old St. Lawrence College, were many of us set the sails to explore the world. I have long wanted to visit the old school grounds, and so here we are. Until next time, lets sail together. xoxo ES
PHOTOGRAPHY: Rania Gallianos Divajo Photography 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Passion for Inspired by Chanel Supermarket

Who would agree with me that the Chanel supermarket concept at the Fashion Show was brilliant? Me, me, me! Karl Lagerfeld added glam to the grocery shopping and turned the catwalk into a supermarket that all the fashionistas can dream about. Here I would like to present you with my own version of the catwalk, with the sea as a backdrop I have to say it has been one of my favourite photoshoots so far. Until next time darlings, enjoy life. xoxo ES

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Passion for Napoleon's Comeback

The French Revolution and the Napoleon inspired jacket is the exact topic of today’s outfit. However a modern approach is necessary, thus I decided to combine the whole look with a cropped top which designers are totally loving this season. Classic black, a touch of gold and plain black heels are my kind of thing. Boring? Nah, here is a new location for you, some manual work was involved, after all who doesn’t like to get their hands dirty. Until next time, let’s set our boundaries. xoxo ES

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Passion for The Boy's Shirt

Rumor has it that the boys shirt is the “it” thing this season. Work this menswear style staple into your everyday repertoire. I went for a girly pink and my advice is: tuck it into your jeans or skinny pants for perfect proportions. Pastels are perfect for welcoming spring and if you are feeling chilly just add a scarf or fur vest like I did in this look. Loving it? Until next time, happy Sunday! xoxo ES

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Passion for Black Jeans, Blue Shirt

Black jeans, blue shirt kinda reminds me of the Lana Del Rey lyrics. Does it ever happen to you that you associate certain lyrics with your outfits? Well this one was a case for me. As you have seen from my style, I like to experiment with colour, shapes, prints and trends. But there are days that I like to stick to the basics. But a touch of sequin or leopard print can add glam to any simple outfit, so this is exactly what I did with this look. How do you like to wear your basics? Until next time, experiment! xoxo ES 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Passion for Gone With The Wind

Drama Queen! How many of you can relate to this title? Are you known to be a Drama Queen, do tell, your secret is safe with me! At some point in our lives we are all labeled somehow, but it’s all about how you live up to these titles. A little drama never hurt anyone; on the contrary it adds a little spice and makes your days less boring and more exciting. I have been given the lovely title of Drama Queen on a few occasions, and have even been called Oprah, what an honour! So in order to live up to the reputation, one day on a shopping spree in Dubai, I came across this lovely top, a cropped top to be exact. And since crop tops have made a strong comeback, a little skin exposed matched with my favourite cobalt blue skirt, seemed destined for each other. My title for this post is Gone With The Wind, why? The sea, the breeze and the colour palet speak for themselves. Until next time, share your drama stories. xoxo ES