Friday, November 8, 2013

Passion for Miami Day 1

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenido a Miami… these Will Smith lyrics kept on playing in my head all along. This was my first time in Miami and this place definitely screams party that lasts till dawn. Here Happy Hours start at 8 am and those Mega Cocktails are just too inviting. We stayed at the South Beach which is the place to be, full of restaurants and bars all along Ocean Drive. Ahh and those palm trees, I couldn’t get enough of them, lined up so perfectly along the drive.  The climate here is warm and you might come across a small shower during the day that will disappear as suddenly as it appeared. Coming from New York I needed a different set of clothes and what I decided to do this time was basically travel with an empty suitcase and do all my shopping in New York, except for taking a few pieces of clothing, just in case. I had planned to meet my friend Alexandra in Miami for a few fun days, so here we are flying in from different locations to meet after two years. As you probably figured it out, here drinking starts from early hours of the day, and I was very eager to try the Mega Margarita with two Bud Light beers turned upside down, and straight into the glass, an experience which I absolutely recommend to those heading to Miami. More cocktails followed after that and finally we made our way to dinner at a great restaurant “A fish called Avalon”. I will be sharing this day in two different post so come back tomorrow for more fun from Miami. Until next time, Welcome to Miami! xoxo ES

I am wearing Eight Sixty dress, Victoria's Secret flip flops, Etienne Aigner tote, sunglasses Ivanka Trump, statement Necklace from New York



  1. aww the outfit is so adorable.Love it to the core. New post on my blog, i'd love it if u stop by. :)

  2. miami????amazing!!!you blessed..i love your outfit..

  3. I had the same song in my head when I was there! Love Miami. xo

    1. Great minds think alike ;) Enjoy Cali xoxo

  4. Perfect VS shoes. xaxa.

  5. I am going to Miami soon and can not wait! great pics! enjoy
    kisses from Milan


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