Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Passion for Côte d’Azur - Monte Carlo/Cannes Day 3

Are you ready to explore the rest of the destinations? Listen to this. The day we were leaving Monte Carlo and heading towards Cannes, it was supposed to be a very memorable day with a surprise that I was planning for my mother’s birthday a month in advance before the trip. The greatest surprise of all turned out to be my greatest disaster as the company that I had arranged to bring a white Lincoln limo outside the hotel at 14:00 pm never showed up. They seemed very professional throughout their communication, with a great website, three languages and all their social media in place. They promised a surprise that would leave my mother very happy. Instead they delivered disaster and I have not received my refund, nor are they replying to their phones or emails. This company is the Riviera Luxury Limousines and my friends if anyone ever requires such services you must think twice before trusting your special occasion up to them. Usually I write positive things in my reviews, but I felt like I had to protect anyone else from experiencing such disappointments.

Now back to the trip. Before leaving Monte Carlo we discovered this really great traditional Bistro called Bouchon in a walking distance from the Le Méridien Beach Plaza Monte Carlo, it is actually next to the Sass Café. We only had breakfast and coffee but the place actually serves excellent delicacies and I wish I had discovered it earlier. The place was very busy and has excellent service. Will definitely return! The Concierge at the hotel was very helpful in organizing a last minute transfer to Cannes just after my surprise went bust and we headed to the Hotel Martinez. It was raining the whole day so we spent it inside the hotel and in the evening had a fantastic dinner at the “Le Relais” restaurant. Stay tuned for sunshine, Cannes and much more in my next post. xoxo ES
I am wearing Burberry trench coat, Zara skirt and loafers, Karl t-shirt from Berlin, Chanel necklace and bag



  1. I feel sorry that this happened to you :( The idea was so lovely...
    At least you had some other positive moments :)

  2. great photos! you are definitely having the time of your life ;)

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  3. Love this post, such a shame for bad professionals you do well informing of your experience. Its part of the game!

  4. Love this post, such a shame for the unprofessionals you had to deal with, of course you do well sharing your experience, its the way things go!

  5. Nice post! Love the dress! :)

  6. The food looks so good! What a great trip.



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