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Passion for SouthLife - My Interview

Happy Sunday my dear readers! I am excited to share with you my recent interview on where I speak about my Passion for xoxoES brand and my PASSIONS which you can read here. For those who do not read Greek you may find the translated version below. Until next time, lots of love! xoxo ES

How did you start LiveYourPassion? What was the drive behind this project?

I had started my blog back in 2009 by chance. Back then I was too busy focusing on my career in the hospitality industry and working on completing my Master’s degree at the same time. I always loved fashion since I can remember, and used to spend a fortune on buying up all the latest fashion magazines. Blogs didn’t exist back then. In 2011 while working on my Dissertation thesis which was on social media marketing in luxury Greek hotels, I stumbled upon the well known blogs and that’s when it hit me that this is exactly what I want to do. Here is the passion, doing something creative. After numerous discussions with some of my friends, the idea of “Passion for…” was born. A concept that can be applied just to nearly everything. One simple word but yet so powerful and mouth filling just by pronouncing it. One night over cocktails my girlfriends and I started discussing the t-shirt trends and what is out in the market. That’s when the idea was born, to start my own t-shirt line with the main subject being “Passion for…” A t-shirt is like a canvas where an artist can express feelings and emotions. It can be personal, unique and customized. Simple, yet elegant and stands a chance of being worn anywhere. A t-shirt is a wardrobe classic, and one cannot own too many t-shirts right?! 
Other than the t-shirts, which other merchandise are you preparing?

Following my t-shirt designs I began experimenting and finding new surfaces where one can express their passions. It had to be everyday objects, something that one can use in their daily lives. This is when the mug merchandise came along. I am sure that every one of us has that mug that is special, the one that lights up our mood when we pour our coffees in the morning?! Personally I had purchased a New York mug during my trip in 2009, it was my all time favourite and although things get old with time I couldn’t seem to part with it. I knew I had to find a similar replacement so when a friend was heading to the City I asked him to bring me a new I love New York mug.  Everyone surely has a mug that they love, and mugs can be a great yet affordable gift. Another object that one can’t live without is of course our mobile phone. I have a great relationship with my i-Phone and personally think it is the greatest creation ever, but wait fashion can be applied here to. You can dress your phone up with a trendy case, and why not express your passion on it? There are endless products which will continue to evolve in the future, the idea is to grab the right opportunities and to keep on developing. I am always busy thinking, sometimes I think I never stop but this way I always create ideas in my mind and I enjoy this process. Not all ideas come to life but they train the brain which is a muscle that must be taken advantage of in the right kind of way. I will not share all my plans just yet but I invite you on my journey to find out. 
Do you believe that fashion is expressed more with words?
Fashion is expressed in different forms and shapes. It is about putting all the pieces of the puzzle together to create the final masterpiece. Words are a mean of expression, they have a great power and can give away certain characteristics of a person. They are just a small fragment of what we call Fashion! The Passion for xoxoES t-shirts are all about creative expression. You can play with the colour, with t-shirt style, words, stones and cuts. It can be personal, it can be you. Customized is the idea, people who wear these t-shirts or any other Passion for xoxoES product they express their individuality. I like uniqueness, which is something that tends to me missing these days. Some may like or hate something but either way the message that is projected is uniqueness. Words can also attract attention, so the level of attention that one will get will depend on the Passion they will express. 
Have you presented the Passion for by xoxoES to well known companies on the market?

No and actually this is not the idea. This is a piece of me, it’s a hobby that I enjoy greatly and I want to have as much fun with it as possible. I like to experiment, to learn from my mistakes, to develop but to try and maintain the fulfillment of doing something creative for me. I have wasted enough time doing boring stuff in the past, that’s why I decided to change my direction and focus on setting new challenges in my journey. 

With which words is your passion be printed on a t-shirt?

Passion for New York, and I am actually wearing it in one of the photos. This was one of my first creations together with the Passion for Travel. For me travel is everything, through travel you learn so much, your values change and you see things from a different perspective. Travel is richness in all senses. My favourite city in the world is New York, the energy and drive is unbelievable there. It’s a place that leaves you wanting to absorb everything, to learn, to see everything, to loose yourself in the streets and just live!  

You are about to get involved in the "mess" of starting a new business.  Are you worried that this attempt is made in a country like Greece?

I believe that the best projects happen during the time of crisis. There is always room for new opportunities. You just have to look in the right direction, absorb all the information, stuff yourself with knowledge and work hard and work with passion. Believe in what you want to achieve and you will get there eventually. Although I have grown up in Greece and love this country, my vision is beyond its borders. 

You have traveled a lot. Is your idea know abroad? What is their response to your project?

I have been fortunate to have traveled a lot both for work and pleasure, yet there are still so many places that are waiting for me to discover. Some friends have referred to me as being a citizen of the world, I would like to live up to this reputation. Through my blog I project my work internationally and up to now I have received excellent feedback from my fellow bloggers. USA has proven to be a great market and I have received a number of orders from there. 
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to connect with interesting people as through intellectually challenging conversations great ideas are born, I like to read books, blogs, magazines. I enjoy the theater, have a great passion for art and photography. I love anything that is creative and I don’t like to waste time, as it is precious and should be used wisely. 

What was the best comment you heard about your merchandise?

I have received a lot of positive feedback about my merchandise  and many of my customers have a great sense of style which is very rewarding when they say that the quality and design is excellent. They share my Passions which is truly a great feeling. I want the people who wear my t-shirts or are in possession of my merchandise to feel the passion and have the power of feeling good! 




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