Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Passion for Styling Tips - 50 Shades of Brown

Hot in New York

M Missoni multi color dress, €550 / Rachel Zoe brown heels, €275

Wednesday on the block and time for some styling tips of the week. Doesn’t fifty shades of brown sound appealing? Now imagine you are living in New York City, and you have to pull off an all day/all weather outfit. I have always found the Missoni prints to be amazing and a dress like that is perfect for an all day outfit, matched with a trench coat, gorgeous heels and an “it” bag. A match made in heaven indeed! To sweeten your day, how about a matching macaron from Ladurée. Until next time. xoxo ES

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  1. Nice ensemble! I'm feeling the warm mellow browns

  2. Great dress, but so expensive :(
    Love, Melly

    1. good morning Melly, I know they are pricy but I am sure you can find similar and at an affordable price. Look at this dress that I got from Primark last year xoxo

  3. I wish I could wear that outfit now while sitting in a cafe in France and eating those delicious macarons =) The color is really nice. In fact I am currently looking for a perfect pair of brown boots ) Always love reading your style advice ;) xo

  4. As time goes by I like brown more and more. There is something chic and timeless about it.



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