Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Passion for Fashion's Night Out 2012 t-shirt by xoxoES

I am excited and I bet you are too! Fashion’s Night Out is one of those events that have been noted in your calendar from a year before, it’s the save a date note that comes up as soon as we welcome September! Confession du jour… I am dying to be in New York tomorrow to celebrate the event but unfortunately I will be stuck in Athens this time of year with a promise that next September will be different. To keep myself entertained I have created my own style of Passion for Fashion’s Night Out 2012 t-shirt by xoxoES which I will be wearing for the Fashion’s Night Out in Athens on the 20th September, if you like to own one too drop me a line on facebook or twitter. Until next time, let’s have fun darlings! xoxo ES
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  1. I wish I could be in New York too!! What a great idea to make your own tshirt though!! PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


  2. nice one.

    xx m

  3. Great shirt!

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