Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Passion for Instagram Highlights

Archangelsk City

Here are some of my Instagram images which I took during my three weeks in Russia. Come and join me on my Instagram journey @elenaserg. Until next time, lots of love and light! xoxo ES
Love ring, present from my friend Ra-Ra
Childhood memories, playing with my cousin Denis
Summer House (Dacha)
Cucumbers from our Dacha
Mushroom in the forest
Monastery in Sia
Birthday Cake for my aunt
Malie Kareli

River Escape

Malie Kareli weekend


Margaritas from the Dacha

Lovely Bonichka!
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  1. Simple and chic look! your photos are beautiful ! you have a lovely blog ! Hope you can visit my blog some time, if you like it, you can follow and let me know, I always follow back :)
    cheers and have a great day !

  2. I love these! nice outfit in the first pic & the one of you and your cousin is too cute

  3. Hi Elena, great photo recap. What's the Bouratino? I wonder...


    1. Hi A ;) it means Pinocchio in Russian that's why it has the picture on the bottle! xoxo ES

  4. Thank you so much for your comment! We´re following you on GFC too!=)

    You have some great photos here! loving that head band, really boho chic!

    This week we´re going to Madrid Fashion Weeek and will be telling everything that happens there on our blog, starting tomorrow. It´s gonna be madness!! If you want to know what´s going on the first fashion week of the season, besides runway shows, check out our blog!!


  5. I love instagram too, love that bag, and rings! That flower crown is gorgeous and I just adore that sparkle effect on your pooch

    Following u now on bloglovin dear, lets keep in touch =)

  6. Hi dear:) We follow each other so I thought that maybe you could help me by commenting that post: Please, please, it's very important to me.. I'll be grateful


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