Sunday, May 6, 2012

Passion for my rooftop-wearing Alexander Birman heels

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is an important day for Greece, with the hope that the results of today’s elections will bring a better future to this country and its people. No matter the chaos that stands today and the political instability, the sun does keep on shining and the sea is beautiful. Those who have been to Greece, I am sure will agree that the beauty of Greece is like no other, unique! For today’s shot I went up to the rooftop just before sunset to enjoy the magnificent views of the area, the breeze and the sea view. From the top the view is different, and after so many years having always avoided the rooftop, due to my sudden fear of heights, I must confess I really enjoyed being up there. Wearing my new Alexander Birman extremely high heels, I kept my balance pretty well I must say. In life everything is about balance, and finding the right balance is the key to a fulfilled life. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, wherever you are and fingers crossed for Greece to find its balance. Until next time. xoxoES
I am wearing white Zara skirt, tweed jacket Zara, yellow tank top Zig Zag, Alexander Birman heels, Miu Miu handbag, Dior sunglasses, owl necklace H&M


  1. Beautiful skirt! Like the bag too :)

  2. Birmans are to die for! I also love the Zara jacket, tres Chanel ;)

  3. Woww...such a cool outfit! Love your skirt, the bag and the shoes :)

    Have a great week<3


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  4. I havent read your blogs for ages!!! this one is as good as ever....i like the balance thing..i totally agree....i love the owl necklace...very cool...and the heels are up the gr8 work ES....;-)

  5. Hi Elena, great blog. Your outfit is so cute and those shoes are fabulous!

    XO Kelley

    1. Thanks Kelley! Let's keep in touch! xoxo ES

  6. Hi girl, lovely blog . Thanks for comment on my blog and check my other post!

    XOXO from Argentina !

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  8. the necklace is adorable! If you have some time and would like, come by and see my blog :)
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