Thursday, May 24, 2012

Passion for My Look Book

Hey there fashionistas! How is your week so far? I am so looking forward to the weekend and to the return of my designated photographer J …. time to capture new moments and inspirations. In the meantime while the new makings are in the process I though of sharing some of my latest favourite looks. Let me know which one is your favourite, ok?! If you ask me what are the two things that I am obsessed about...well that’s an easy question… 1. Fashion and 2. New York …my goal? To live my passions in New York. What is your dream destination? Until next time, don’t give up on your dreams. xoxo ES

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  1. My favorite is the maxi skirt look! It looks so chic yet comfortable! My dream destination recently became Paris!

    XO Kelley

    1. Hey Kelley...thanks for the lovely comment! I love Paris, I have been there twice and actually I feel the need to go there very soon.. :) Another place that I would like to visit often is definitely Paris, it's so Romantic and inspirational xoxo

  2. nice nice nice i love the first pic..

  3. Thank you so much. I am following you back, too. Happy blogging! :)

  4. very cute looks - so pretty !!

  5. You've got swag!!! Great looks.....

  6. I love the blue coat and I would like to visit New York too :)


Thank you very much for your feedback! Much love xoxo ES