Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Passion for Stripes and Stars

Stripes and stars, what a combination right? Yet both are featured as one of the trends this season! Stripes will probably never go out of fashion as designers always find that little something to make their annual creation stand out! It’s this season, it’s hot and if you are into fashion, you must own a stripy piece of clothing. This Isabel Marant dress was a love at first sight kind of thing as I was looking through net-a-porter last summer. The Jimmy Choo bag, a perfect creation for any kind of outfit which can be worn day and night. To cut the story short, the whole look can represent an American flag, I just realised it looking at the first photo. This look has also been featured on the brand new marketing concept website created by Jimmy Choo, known as the Choo 24:7 where fans share their street style across international time zones.  You can see the look here and press like to help me get more chances of winning the competition! Thanks darlings, until next time! xoxo ES

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Passion for Denim and Butterflies

My relationship with butterflies? Eternal! Someone once told me, “you are like a butterfly, pretty to see - hard to catch”. I am a sole believer that I am a free spirit and will only settle when I choose to settle. In the end of the day, a choice is a choice and people are responsible for the decisions that they make in their lives. On this note let’s turn to something that has marked the history of fashion and that will never go out of style, and that is denim. For today’s look I combined the denim dress with butterfly accessories and an even greater statement, the oversized bag. I have an obsession with designer bags and this is one of my weaknesses, yet here came a not anywhere close to being a designer bag yet it is so unique that it stimulated my senses. This beauty came from Morocco, which makes it even more special that you cannot buy it just anywhere. It is unique! On this happy note I would like to wish you all a great Sunday evening. Until next time, explore and be inspired! xoxo ES

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Passion for My Look Book

Hey there fashionistas! How is your week so far? I am so looking forward to the weekend and to the return of my designated photographer J …. time to capture new moments and inspirations. In the meantime while the new makings are in the process I though of sharing some of my latest favourite looks. Let me know which one is your favourite, ok?! If you ask me what are the two things that I am obsessed about...well that’s an easy question… 1. Fashion and 2. New York …my goal? To live my passions in New York. What is your dream destination? Until next time, don’t give up on your dreams. xoxo ES

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Passion for Coco WHO?

For me there is one fashion legend and that is Coco Chanel! Her style is iconic and the history behind her name is unique. Her witty quotes till now set the life examples for many and will continue to inspire generations ahead. If you ask me, who is the one person that you would like to meet, I would say Coco Chanel but if we are speaking of today then I would say the person who carries her legend at present and that is no other but Karl Lagerfeld. Today’s outfit is a combination of grey, white and touches of black. The top is actually by a Greek designer and obviously inspired by lady Chanel, it labels Coco adding finishing touches of white pearl beads on the sleeves. I would like to share a few of Coco’s inspiring quotes, those that mean something to me. Until next time, dream big. xoxo ES

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Passion for The Coveteur

My source of inspiration is The Coveteur, I just love their work and how they select the little details from every individual which they feature! It's all about imagination, style, individualism and creativity. For me this is an ideal job! Passion for lifestyle.....What is your source of inspiration? Until next time, discover! xoxo ES
P.S. Spot the Isabel Marant dress which I have shared in one of my previous posts

Passion for 2011 Memories

Wishing you all a wonderful, fun and relaxing weekend. Looking at some older photos from 2011, I decided to share a few of my favourites. I must say that 2011 was an exciting year with a few exciting travels. Given my passion for travel, I am in need of another trip soon, I need to get on a plane and discover the world. I guess for some, some obsessions never Until next time, keep on dreaming. And on this note I would like to share a quote that I recently came across "As long as you are going to be thinking anyway, think big" Donald Trump. Mr Trump, I agree with you. xoxo ES
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Passion for Stripes

Wardrobe reorganizing can sometimes be a challenge, when you have to gradually shift from one season to the next. Which of course means packing your boots, sweaters and coats and saying “hello” to the strappy sandals and the summer dresses. Today’s focus, two of my favourite stripe dresses the burgundy stripes dress by Isabel Marant previous season and the Moschino red stripe dress which has been in my possession forever. What I am saying is that this shows us how stripes have earned a well deserved place in fashion and they never go out of style. Each year designers give a bit of twist to how they present their stripe creations and I have selected 5 different stripe dresses from this season’s collection, which one is your favourite? Until next time. xoxo ES

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Passion for jean shorts + blue blazer = casual

 I could say that this would be my ideal dress code of going to the office, something that the City girls would definitely call their office attire, only not to be confused with the fashion industry and the any other industry that requires professional dress code, thus leaving me with a conclusion du jour: minus the shorts and wear something “more appropriate”.  Going back….I was describing my ideal situation! Actually most of the outfit are pieces from Zara, the flower top and the blazer was something that I picked up together and thought that it would be a good match, to wear to the office. The ultimate trophy piece which is a total must this season is a snakeskin bag and this shoulder bag was actually purchased in Thailand. While reading this week’s net-a-porter magazine my eye caught that one of the key pieces was a snakeskin bag, so I went back to my closet and here it is, the inspiration of the day. Until next time, stay inspired. xoxo ES

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Passion for LOVE PINK Victoria's Secret top

Too much pink lately, it’s like the pink invasion is taking place. I have actually been looking forward to warmer days in order to wear this Love Pink-Victoria’s Secret tank top which my friends, M & D got for me from New York and since we are talking light I matched it with a pair of Victoria Beckham Rock and Republic jeans. For my feet I chose the Surface to Air sandals which I bought from last summer and voila, ready to enjoy the afternoon! I hope you all have a wonderful Saturday evening. Until next time. xoxo ES

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Passion for cotton candy colours

This look reminds of cotton candy, well that’s what comes to my mind when mixing blues and pinks, just because it is so colourful and very girly. Since colours are a big hit this season and summer is here to stay, time to experiment. The greatest addition to this look I believe is the pon pon ballerina necklace, totally a girly girl’s statement kind of thing. This look shouts pink everywhere literally from head to toes. My relationship with pink was not so “hot” during my teenage years when I kind of turned to black, the safe, never can go wrong colour, however the childhood passions surfaced once again at a later stage and dynamically entered my closet and my life. What’s your relationship with pink? Until next time, let’s explore pink. xoxoES

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Passion for my rooftop-wearing Alexander Birman heels

Happy Sunday everyone! Today is an important day for Greece, with the hope that the results of today’s elections will bring a better future to this country and its people. No matter the chaos that stands today and the political instability, the sun does keep on shining and the sea is beautiful. Those who have been to Greece, I am sure will agree that the beauty of Greece is like no other, unique! For today’s shot I went up to the rooftop just before sunset to enjoy the magnificent views of the area, the breeze and the sea view. From the top the view is different, and after so many years having always avoided the rooftop, due to my sudden fear of heights, I must confess I really enjoyed being up there. Wearing my new Alexander Birman extremely high heels, I kept my balance pretty well I must say. In life everything is about balance, and finding the right balance is the key to a fulfilled life. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone, wherever you are and fingers crossed for Greece to find its balance. Until next time. xoxoES

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Passion for Make-A-Wish Greece, World Wish Day

Make A Wish, World Wish Day took place on Sunday 29 April and it was a truly amazing experience. A wish of a 5 year old Xenia became a reality at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation when the little girl dressed as a fairy, was the star of the show and her role was to make the wishes of her school friends come true. Kids are wonderful little creatures with kind hearts and really they ask for simple and innocent wishes, which at the end of the day makes you realize that we do not need much to be happy. Whenever you are down and searching for a meaning in life take a minute to reflect on what goes around in the world and you will realize that we make our own lives complicated sometimes. Whenever you have one of those days, do something useful, be a volunteer and help to make a difference in someone else’s life.