Thursday, March 1, 2012

Passion for Neon pink

Happy March to my dear readers! As spring has arrived and neon colours are on the must have list this coming season I decided to go full on pink by wearing neon pink sweater and my favourite Max & Co rain boots which I bought in Milan a couple of years ago. The photos were captured in Kalavrita where I spend a long weekend skiing and enjoying the mountains for a change. On the final note, I am totally loving the new skull bracelet which was added to my collection and is a present from my friend Agra. Until next time, enjoy! xoxo ES
I am wearing Neon pink Gap sweater, reindeer lavand leggings, Max&Co pink rain boots, white tank top Zara, Burberry bag, Dior sunglasses, white bracelet Elena in Greek, purple eye bracelet, skull bracelet, Chiuaua necklace Accessorize


  1. This is such a fashion forward post! You wear Neon Pink fabulously, just before the trend hits the high street. Well done, I am a true fan of the Neon colours and of Live your Passion!!!

  2. i honestly think that pink is ur colour!!!! great pics! and i love the skull bracelet;)

  3. Adore your neon pink sweater!!



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