Friday, March 23, 2012

Passion for leather jacket + Chanel

Happy Friday fashionistas! Are you getting ready for an exciting weekend?! Today’s look is all about leather, snake skin jeans, skeletons and an all time classic Chanel. Let me tell you about the jeans, they were an awesome discovery made by my mum during our trip to Milan and they have this amazing skin look with skeleton details and a skeleton scarf! Roy Rogers is an Italian brand which I learned there and then! I matched the look with a grey leather jacket Vintage de Luxe which was also purchased in Milan, added a selection of my favourite Sue Sensi bracelets, a Fashion TV baseball cap, Chanel sunnies and bag et voila! Enjoy your Friday and don’t forget to enter the Fiscardo Bay Hotel weekend getaway. Until next time. xoxo ES
I am wearing Roy Rogers skin snake jeans, Vintage de Luxe leather jacket, white top H&M, Fashion TV baseball cap, heels New Look, Chanel bag, Sue Sensi bracelets, Chanel sunglasses


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  2. cute!!!

  3. i love the pants and shoes hun.
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  4. very nice pictures - love chanel too ;)

  5. Hi, love! I love your post! Thanks for sharing!

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  6. nice bag ;)))

  7. Great outfit!
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  9. I really like the colour of your leather jacket!!! It' not the regular black one or a bowring grew...It's like a mixture of blue and silver. Really nice!!!!!! <3

    Keep up with following your fashion passion;)

    Kisses from Berlin

  10. That is a HOT jacket!

  11. lovely bag :)
    Love Lois xxx

  12. Nice look! :-)

  13. fantastic and love your outfit :)

    love this :-x

  14. fantastic and love your outfit!!! I really like the colour of your leather jacket!!! It' not the regular black one or a bowring grew...
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