Saturday, February 11, 2012

Passion for Dubai Mall

Shoes, clothes, diamonds, aquariums, waterfalls, marble, calmness, carpeting, sunrays, sheer luxury….where am I? The Dubai Mall! I have paid a number of visits to the renowned shopping malls around the world but here is the Arab world when we say the “Dubai Mall” competition doesn’t stand a chance. You feel like entertaining your children or even yourself, pop in for a visit at the Aquarium, how about some fun on the ice rink? They got this here too! And perhaps a visit to the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa? Just follow the corridors and your “wish is our command”. You name it, they deliver it. Since we had only had a few hours to kill our first stop was a power breakfast at the Armani Café, followed by some light shopping and yes this time it was very light although in my mind I could have actually bought at least half of the mall lol. I have captured a few shots of the window displays that I found quite to my like. Check out the cherry being replaced by the “Louis Vuitton on the top” and not to mention the sparkling, colourful and exquisite Louboutin shoes. This place is every girl’s paradise. On my final note, orange blazer spotted at the Stella McCartney boutique. Keep bright and keep smiling! Have a wonderful Saturday everyone. Until next time. xoxo ES

I am wearing jeans by Versace for H&M, Local Celebrity t-shirt, orange blazer Zara, Timberland flats, Louis Vuitton speedy bad, Dior sunglasses, elephant bangle from India

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