Thursday, February 16, 2012

Passion for Atlantis & The Lost Chambers

Let’s see, what is my relationship with the fish? Apart from the fact that my grandparents were both Pisces, my cousins are also Pisces, my best friend is a Pisces and the one person who I thought was close to being a so called “soul-mate” is a Pisces. Here is my life story in a fish tank! Let’s freeze this thought for a second and focus on the little creatures know as fish which were photographed at their chic and glamorous address, Atlantis The Palm Hotel Dubai!  I was not actually present at that same place at that time but my darling designated photographer Helen Ra-Ra and the number one Atlantis guide Vladimir took some pretty amazing shots. Don’t you think so? Apparently the story of the Lost Chambers is that during the construction of the resort, a complex series of passages was uncovered, thought to have been buried thousands of years ago by the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Upon further investigation, an ancient street system was discovered and the theory came into being that these were in fact remains from the Lost City of Atlantis. Such an exciting discovery has raised many questions about Atlantean civilisation and culture, some of which will never be answered. However, it seems that this network of streets has revealed artefacts from very civilised people who possessed an incredible level of technology. Enjoy the waters and its wonders. Until next time. xoxo ES

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