Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Passion for Abu Dhabi

Like in every happily ever after fairytale there is the Palace, the Prince and a Cinderella story, only that the story is based on the modern Cinderella story of today’s world. Sound’s exciting doesn’t it? Well the morning started of like this, a white Lexus parked outside the hotel lobby in Dubai with a driver waiting to accompany me on a day journey to Abu Dhabi. My best friend sitting next to me, to enjoy the ride and all the surprises that the city had to offer. The first stop of the day, the exquisite Emirates Palace which is an enchanting landmark of the city and known to be one of the greatest hotels in the world. Here, I was greeted by destiny and after having enjoyed the first and the most delicious coffee of the day with a flavour of 24 carat cold flakes I walked the corridors of the lavish resort decorated with gold, marble and crystal throughout. Here everything screams gold and luxury, and in case you wish to pick up a souvenir you may purchase gold coins or bars in the “gold vending machines”. Yes, here guests use vending machines not for the purpose of buying refreshments but instead they charge their credit card for an opportunity to top up their gold caches.

Next stop for a quick bite at the Shakespeare and Co cafĂ©: a great love story cannot be told without the presence of the greatest poet. And then came the parting and saying goodbye to the wonderful city and on this note quoting Shakespeare with “parting in such sweet sorrow”. Last destination before returning to Dubai was the Ferrari World for a few shots of the first Ferrari theme park. Thank you all for following my adventures. Until next time, enjoy! xoxo ES

I am wearing white blazer Liu Jo, electric blue skirt Zara, J'adore Dior top, Timberland flats, Fendi bag, D&G sunglasses


  1. Wonderfully written, we want to know the rest of the modern Cinderella story!!! x

  2. beautiful photos!! I would love to visit Abu Dhabi someday..
    thanks for the comment! looks like you've been having a great time :D


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