Monday, January 2, 2012

Passion for New Year - Welcome 2012

Happy New Year people! I hope that you all had an amazing celebration and that 2012 will only be filled with special moments and lots of passion. In the afternoon of the 31st and the last day of 2011 my friends and I celebrated at Baron which is a new hot spot in our area. Then a quick run home and change of outfits, the New Year’s party destination was The Margi Hotel. I must say it was the best choice for welcoming the New Year, and celebrating with the right people made it even more special. For the evening I wore a Versace  for H&M  dress that I bought in Milan and was saving it for a special occasion. Once again Happy New Year and stay inspired. xoxo ES

First outfit I am wearing star top Zara, star necklace Primark
Second outfit Versace for H&M dress, beige pumps, red hand bracelet


  1. Exactly! With the RIGHT PPL ;)

  2. Love your Versace for H&M dress! Happy 2012!

  3. love your green look just as good as you did last year....maybe even better...happy new year ES and keep up the good work....xxgg

  4. Looove your dressss dear.<3

    Kisses from pepa


Thank you very much for your feedback! Much love xoxo ES