Saturday, January 21, 2012

Passion for National Gardens

Tall tree trunks, the distinctive smell of the first raindrops, it is gloomy yet you feel a sense of excitement walking through the National Garden located in the heart of Athens. It may not be as grandeur as the Central Park, yet still it is a place of history as it once served as the garden of the Royal Palace which was created by Queen Amalia and her German gardener in 1839. The garden features ancient ruins, Corinthian capitals of columns, mosaics and other artifacts.  Here you can spends hours wondering around, trying to find your source of inspiration. Perhaps you may feel like Alice in Wonderland, where time stands still and you start to explore life’s greatest philosophies.  Let me share one of my favourite Alice’s quotes “It would be so nice if something made sense for a change.” The inner-meaning I would say is that life is a series of lessons and the moment you think that you have solved the puzzle, another challenge appears and you are back to square one, trying to allocate the “sense”. I like to refer to life as being a journey, and with this in mind I tend to enjoy the ride. There is always something to learn, to develop and to accomplish. Conclusion du jour, passion for knowledge! Enjoy your Saturday everyone, until next time. xoxo ES

I am wearing H&M sweater, Seven for All Mankind skinny jeans, white fur vest, Lancel bag, Eley Kishimoto cowboy boots, H&M owl necklace


  1. "Perhaps you may feel like Alice in Wonderland, where time stands still and you start to explore life’s greatest philosophies." Love this! Very inspirational xx

  2. This is one of your best blogs Elena!!! One of my favourites anyway!!! I enjoyed my Saturday as you said (thanks!!!) and agree with life being a journey and all the other stuff....This is indeed very inspirational and deep!!!i love it!!!!you are very loved here in Greece and if you do go you will be missed by all(esp are you jumping in the 3rd photo???.....great outfit as are awesome!!!keep up the good work and keep the blogs coming........xx gg


Thank you very much for your feedback! Much love xoxo ES