Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Passion for Monastiraki

For those who have been to Athens before should remember a place called Monastiraki! Does it ring a bell? Well, Monastiraki is the local Athenian flea market, therefore after having explored the German flea market in my previous travels I considered that a local visit would be appropriate to show my readers what Athens is really about. For the past months we have been hit with continuous coverage of the Greek crisis, the Greek drama and so forth as you would like to call it, but some things no matter how ugly they might seem at a given moment, have history, tradition, culture and uniqueness. Despite the current crisis Greece welcomed more visitors in 2011 than in the previous years, surprised? You shouldn’t be! Greece is a beautiful country and you must experience it for yourself. After long consideration about the direction of my blog I decided that I would like to share the remarkable “selling points” (as marketers would call it) that Greece has to offer. Having studied hospitality and my continuous career in this field I believe in the uniqueness of the product called Greece and that we must all unite our powers, create a strategy and vision to show the world the true “colours of Greece”.

Back to the topic of Monastiraki, here one can buy lots of interesting stuff to take back home such as worry beads, jewelry, fur, backgammons, souvenirs, hand painted icons, sandals, statues, etc. The list is endless. I have tried to capture as many images as possible so please be my guest and enjoy it for yourself. If you have visited Monastiraki before, do share your most memorable moment here. This is Greece! Until next time. xoxo ES
I am wearing Seven for All Mankind jeans, Calvin Klein sweater, jean/black fur scarf, New Look cowboy boots, black leather clutch bought in New York, Armani Exchange sunglasses


  1. Great look dear! I like it! :-)
    Come back soon to visit my blog, I'll be waiting for you !!!

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  2. great photos! I have always wanted to visit Greece..it seems like a very beautiful country :)

  3. I've been to Athens a few years ago, but I haven't been to Monastiraki. It seems like a lovely place, reminds me of those little flea markets in small country French towns :)


  4. such pretty pictures! i hope one day to make it to athens since my boyfriend and his family are from greece. looks like you had a great time!
    xx sylvie



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