Thursday, December 8, 2011

Passion for Mastic (Mastiha)

Happy Thursday people! The week is almost over and I bet everyone is looking forward to the weekend. In today’s post I would like to share the uniqueness of mastic and it’s meaning in Greece, and rather than expressing my own point of view I decided that a great way to share the Greek experience is by asking a Greek who is my dear friend Helen Ra-Ra Marie to write about her interpretation of this product and the memories associated with its aromas and history. This is Greece. That’s it from me for today, enjoy and until next time. xoxo ES
Mastiha is a very special traditional Greek product; it is special for a couple of reasons: it’s unmistakable taste and aroma, it’s very exclusive place of growth, and the vast variety of its use.

I instantly fell in love with Mastiha; as a child I remember my mother chewing mastic gum. It made her kisses ever so sweeter, and it’s this memory that has made me seek out mastic in every form, only to find myself never to be disappointed by this genius product.

It grows on trees; no, literally, on Mastic trees. It is in actual fact, the tears of these trees that only grow on the Greek island of Chios. Many attempts have been made to relocate these trees to other regions, within Greece and abroad, only to fail epically each time. How amusing. This reinforces my conviction that everything in this universe is not in fact ‘lend-and-spend’. The secret remains on Chios soil.

It is used in confectionary, in cooking, in baking in various foods, liquors, desserts and wines; in cosmetics, in pharmaceutical products, in every possible mastic lover’s desire! The list is endless… the taste an aroma cannot be described. As a lover myself I would say that it is exhilaratingly sweet and fresh, and your senses embark upon a journey to the eastern Mediterranean, beyond the Greek border and towards Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. Mastiha connects the magic of the mystical East with the tradition of Chios and Greece. Thus it has a multicultural aspect about it.

Why not try it for yourself? See what senses it triggers for you?

By Helen Ra-Ra Marie


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