Monday, December 19, 2011

Passion for Angelopoulos Hair Company

Saturday morning was dedicated to beauty. It was time to treat my hair with the newest hair therapy known as the Brazilian Keratin Treatment, and where would one go to get the best treatment in town? To the best professionals and that’s the Angelopoulos Hair Company which was founded in 1974 by Christos and Julie Angelopoulos who brought a new essence of hairdressing to Greece after having studies and worked abroad with the top international hair masters. In 1976 Christos broke the World Guiness Record with 270 haircuts in 97 hours.The next generation who followed their steps are their two sons, Ioannis and Nikolas both having studied and worked in Europe bring the finest and modern techniques to their customers. Ioannis having completed his studies in Vidal Sassoon in London represents the next generation of creativity and hair styling. He brings flair and innovation to his demanding clientele, offering top notch services in an elegant and modern environment.

The Nanokeratin System keratin treatment is a revolutionary hair styling treatment. This innovative system both straightens and repairs hair and after approximately three hours (that’s how long the process lasts), the result was that my hair was left straight, silky soft and amazingly shiny. I have captured the whole process of this treatment and I definitely recommend it. No matter your hair type or length, it is worth having this treatment done. Until next time, enjoy and stay inspired. xoxo ES

 I am wearing black leggings H&M, top with Karl Lagerfeld purchased from flea market in Berlin, grey cardigan Divine, black vintage leather boots, wool knit coat Zara, bag Juicy Couture


  1. Great post! Very interesting! I will get to do brazilian keratin as well!! What is the address and telephone of the salon?. Xxxx

  2. gorgeous!! I've heard of this treatment..have always wanted to try it

  3. I have been going to Angelopoulos Hair Company for two years now, the dynamic duo Ioannis & Nikolas are truly 'masters of mane'!

    I have also experienced the joys of brazilian keratin treatment last winter. The change in my hair was phenomenal, as the hair usually thins out from the vigorous lifestyles we lead, becoming dehydrated during the summer from the sun and the sea, and by styling it all through the winter.
    Brazilian keratin restored the moisture balance in my hair, making it lightweight, shiny and soft, protecting it further from split ends. I would also definitely recommend it, or why not just visit the salon and see what Ioannis & Nikolas have to suggest for your type of hair? :)

  4. That sounds amazing!!! I wanna get my hair fixed when i come back from NY(sorry im too busy shopping at tiffanys for now) have so much interesting information to offer....great work.....xxgg


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