Monday, November 28, 2011

Passion for Handbags

Happy Monday people and wishing you a great start of the week! Today I would like to share my passion for handbags. One thing you can’t do without is a great handbag. A bag can change the whole look, it can be the statement of your whole outfit. Haven’t you noticed that in some situations when time is not on our side and you are rushing to make it through the day in your busy schedule, and your handbag becomes the solid rock that changes your mood and makes you feel comfortable? I have a real passion for handbags and believe that investing in a good designer bag may be costly at first but in the long run it can turn a simple outfit into something extraordinary. A good handbag can last for years and still look good in the end. Here are some pieces that I would love to add to my collection. Lately I am totally into the skeleton’s look so as you will see I posted two Alexander McQueen clutches lol. Finally I came across the Louis Vuitton Iconic Bag’s video which you can see here and I totally agree that a Speedy is an “Ultimate City Companion”, mine has travelled everywhere with me and it is one the most handy bags in my collection. I would love to know which is your favourite bag, so please share. xoxo ES

2. Dolce & Gabbana – Leopard print shoulder bag

3. Jimmy Choo – Candy clutch bag

4. Dior- Miss Dior

5. Gucci - gucci 1973

6. Miu Miu - Hobo bag


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