Monday, November 21, 2011

Destination Milan- Airport style

Bonasera! I have just returned from a wonderful three day trip to Milan and I can’t wait to share my experience with you. It’s always exciting to go back to a place where you feel renewed even for a little while, where you get a feeling of inspiration and a gist of “what’s hot” in the most fashionable city of them all. I have voted New York as my place on the map however I greatly appreciate getting the best of what each destination has to offer and for me personally Milan is the place to spot the most stylish and fashionable individuals. Milan screams fashion everywhere you go and I did manage to get a few shots of the street fashion, although I did not manage to capture it all on my “digital” film. The moment I am writing this post I have hundreds of images in my mind of the remarkable outfits that my eyes have witnessed in the last three days. Sometimes, unfortunately we cannot capture every moment and share it with those around you. In my previous post of the Dolce and Gabbana latest collection I found the leather skirt and sweatshirt/t-shirt combination quite interesting therefore I decided to make my own kind of version of the outfit for my trip which I have labeled my airport style. I switched the high heel killer boots to a pair of Ugg boots although high heels will definitely work much better for this look. Don’t you think so?

The fist evening in Milan I went for a quiet dinner to a Roman restaurant which was suggested to me by a local blogger Chiara Ferragni and the place is called Giulio pane e ojo and it is located at Via Ludovico Muratori 10, Milano. Here you can only get a menu in Italian so if you don’t speak the language, good luck! Just joking, the staff ifs very friendly and they do have people who speak Italian and are more than happy to help you with your dinner choice. As we heard from the locals it is not easy to find a table in this place therefore table reservations are highly recommended. I have come back with a few ideas of dishes that I can’t wait to prepare for my friends. So a dinner get together is on the way very soon. Up next is the shopping trip for the Versace Collection for H &M as it launches in 300 selected stores worldwide and much more from the streets of Milan so stay tuned and thank you for following. Sending you all much love and my warmest wishes for a creative week ahead. xoxo ES

First outfit I am wearing black leather skirt, Juicy Couture grey t-shirt, black sweater Zara, suede black jacket with fur, Ugg boots, Prada bag


  1. Darling I love this Airport look! I got to get me a leather skirt, the killer heels would have taken the outfit to the next level, although since I tend to choose comfort over drop-dead gorgeous when flying, I really like what you have done here and teamed it with the comfort of UGGs!! Maximum points for style that looks comfortable :))) Bravissimo bella x Ra-Ra

  2. GORGEOUS LOOK SENORA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXX


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