Saturday, September 10, 2011

My studies come to an end...for now!

Today was a very special day for me, which marked the end of my studies. In the morning I went to pick up the hard copy of my MA Dissertation, that’s it I am done with studying after three tough years of juggling work and study. This summer wasn’t too exciting and no holidays for me as I spent endless hours working on my dissertation. As crazy is it may sound I actually enjoyed it and now the question is “what’s next?”…I’m not going for a PhD although some have suggested it..LOL! I think the time has come to pursue some other hobbies and interests in life!

The topic of my Dissertation is “Social media marketing as a new marketing and promotion channel and its role in the Greek luxury hotel sector.” I am a student at Alpine Center and completed my degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Leadership, University of Wales validated programme.

Writing about social media marketing got me addicted to all the social media tools. That's when I decided that I should start blogging. So here I am.
I had to get myself a little treat for the day, coming up soon in one of my next blog posts. Thank you to my designated photographer Helen Ra-Ra Marie xoxo

I was wearing Zara jean shorts and shoes, sunglasses Armani Exchange, bag MCM, hat Accessorize, bracelets Sue Sensi, big skull bracelet a present from Agra from her trip to Malaysia.

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